My Cornucopia

The following gadgets are what I found in other websites when I surfed the web, their copyright belong to relevant people or organisations respectively. For education and research purposes you can download them and have a trial for their full functions but remember you should pay respect to other people's work. Thank you.

LimeWire | Resumebuilder | VoipStunt | SuperCopier2 | CutePDF | Synchronize it! | 

DuplicateFilesSearcher | 


  • SuperCopier2beta1-9.exe (May 2008) - a very useful copying tool which is not available in your windows system. It works as a multi-threading local downloading tools. You can pause your copying and manage copying in a window. Also you can have your error report when copying ends. Recommend without any reservation. The official website of SuperCopier is a french dorminating forum. But English version also available. If you are interesting, the address is: 

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  • VoipStunt - very cheap international calls including a lot of free call destination countries e.g. USA, UK, Australia, Malaysia, HK etc. More details please check their rates. Best thing is that you can use it from VoipStunt to phone or phone to phone. Since now I have plenty mobile credit, I rarely use it now. More and more Apps for free talking and messaging also affect a bit for it popularity.(Updated 10/02/2012)

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  • LimeWire Pro 4.12.3 - a very good p2p sharing software, which is alleged to be The Fastest File Sharing Program on the Planet by itself. More details please refer to their official website: LimeWire. It was used to be one of my favors, but now it has been totally destroyed due to copyright issue.  (Updated 10/02/2012)



  • Resume Builder 4.4 with a patch included - A handy tool to build up your resume. Using a resume builder or resume writer package such as will help you to make a good first impression. Without the tools to sell yourself you probably wont make it onto the shortlist. Avoid falling prey to the ‘cant even get an interview’ phenomenon by making sure your resume gets you in the door. Start with today!

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  • CutePDF is a very good PDF converter. It is actually a virtual printer. Most attactive point is that it is free and very efficient. We use it both at work and personal life. It is even more efficient than Adobe Acrobat Professional. CutePDF Writer Also requires a Postscript-to-PDF converter such as Ghostscript (recommended).  So you need download both Converter and CuteWriter. Install them and enjoy. I bet you will like it if you want go to paperless. By, "Our philosophy is to make PDF utilities easy, versatile and affordable for every user: from beginner to pro." For latest version please visit their official websit

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Synchronize it

  • Synchronize it! is the top pick from me in the beginning 2012. Instead of just synchronize the whole folder blindly, you can even set up your own filter to just get specific file with certain names. Have a look, you may found more functions with it. The official website by Grig Software is It is also recommended to download the other very good software Compare it! from there. Also very useful.  

  • DuplicateFilesSearcher is a Java program which you can use it to search by binary of files in designated locations/folders. It even give you a FilesProperties.htm report for your files indexing with File Name, Hash, Date, Length basic information. Nowadays people have too big hard disk and too many files to manage. This program will be a handy tool for you to check duplicates. Their official website is:

  • The more are coming. If you also have some very good stuff even if you a very good joke, please tell us!!!