As a netizen in this 21st century besides you have an identity which should be a domain name or names you should also have tried a lot of services and email service is regarded as one of the most important.

This page is only for FeBird or FeBuntu themselves to help them to rember which service is good or bad or just have a track record, that's it. More or less it is like a history of a netizen.

hyp.hyp [at] is the first email provider for FeBird which won't accept any freerider now. Is that good or not? We cannot answer it properly at the moment but time will give us answer. Result: cancelled.

12112 [at] this one is the only one I stole from some a stranger I never known. Currently the web system of won't accet any more numbers only accounts.

Currently I have the following accounts at the following servers:

  • FeBird and FeBrid [at] Gmail (the most important one for me now)
  • Naprogesic [at] Gmail
  • Hosted by Hotmail
  • FeBird617, Houyongpeng and FeBrid (acquired 2007) [at] Hotmail
  • FeBird2002 and Houhuacong [at] Yahoo!
  • Nafine [at] which is also my account for Economist, very important one.
  • 2212012 [at] at
  • 12112 [at]