FeBird's Creation

Welcome to FeBird.com,which belongs to FeBuntu Sixapart. Our program is powered by Google Apps and we believe it is a very good platform to a lot of businesses and individuals. At this stage the APPS we are trying are Gmail, Calendar, Google Talk, and Page Creator. We are very pleased to provide some selected users above services under certain conditions.

This domain name was acquired by us on 17 July 2007. We won't accept any responsibilities linked either directly or indirectly to the ownership of previous owners or users. We understand that febird.com used to be a software developing related website. We are sorry that currently we are not a software or system solution organisation, but please do not be surprised if in the future we would step into that industry. Even if you visit our website by mistake or just by chance, you are still welcome except for that your behaviour is conflicted to our interest.

Any comments please send us email.